Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission Agenda

Visit this page for the most recent agenda for the monthly meeting of the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission.  HHPC meetings are open to the public.   

Public notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission will be held on Monday, the 14th day of April, 2014 at 4:30pm in the 1st Floor Conference Room of the Public Services Building at 320 Fountain Circle.  The Commission will take action on the following items:
1. 502 Clinton Avenue - Mr. & Mrs. James Foley, applicants.
Remove brick from steps and paint house.
2. 805 Clinton Avenue - Mr. Hall Bryant, applicant.
Install playground.
3. 224 Walker Avenue - Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Bunn, applicants.
Construct an outdoor fireplace and pergola.
4. 511 Clinton Avenue - Mr. & Mrs. Jon Murray, applicants.
Replace dormer windows; remove chimney; add a dormer.
5.  1318 Ward Avenue - Ms. Angela Porter, applicant.
Replace siding on dormers.
6. 1107 Wells Avenue - Mr. & Mrs. Jason Johnson, applicants.
Construct new house.
7.  427 McClung Avenue - Mr. & Mrs. Doug Madison, applicants.
Replace front porch and remove front dormers.
8.  1000 Randolph Avenue - Ms. Glenda Goldfinger, applicant. 
Paint house and replace front door.
9.  205 Walker Avenue - Mr. Thomas Hase, applicant.
Replace fence.
10. 435 Locust Avenue - Matheny Goldmon for Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ray, applicants.
Paint house.
11.  802-A O'Shaughnessy Avenue - Ms. Rachel Brown, applicant.
Approval of dormers.
12.  102 Calhoun Street - Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fornter, applicants.
Paint house, replace gate, and reinstall screen door.
13.  802 Ward Avenue - Mr. & Mrs. Peter Addis, applicants.
Replace front porch and erect a new fence.
14.  218 Walker Avenue - Mr. & Mrs. Mike Peyton, applicants.
Remove porch infill; paint house; install driveway ribbons; install garage doors; erect fence; and preliminary approval for deck.
15.  426 Randolph Avenue - Nola VanPeursem Architects for Mr. & Mrs. Ross Hunter, applicants.
Replace siding.