Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission Agenda

Visit this page for the most recent agenda for the monthly meeting of the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission.  HHPC meetings are open to the public.   

Public notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission will be held on Monday, the 1th day of August, 2014 at 4:30pm in the 1st Floor Conference Room of the Public Services Building at 320 Fountain Circle.  The Commission will take action on the following items:
1.  1207 Randolph Avenue - Mr. Phillip Towry for Mr. Greg Gray, applicant
Paint house.
2.  418 Holmes Avenue - Mr. Scott McCorkle, applicant
Paint trim.
3.  1122 Ward Avenue - Ms. Bettye Benson, applicant
Addition to house and erect fence.
4.  1214 Randolph Avenue - Nonie & Debra Webb, applicants
Replace roof and make an addition to rear of house.
5.  1002 Ward Avenue - Mr. Rusty George, applicant
Modification to roofline & cornice.
6.  1004 Randolph Avenue - Ms. Mary Snipes, applicant
Alteration to steps.
7.  1316 Pratt Avenue - Mr. Sam Keith, applicant
Make an addition to garage and re-roof; and erect fence.
8.  1319 Pratt Avenue - Mr. Jason Johnson, applicant
Demolish structure.
9.  1003 Ward Avenue - Matheny Goldmon Architects for Dr. Dan Skinner, applicant
Demolish one story apartment and replace with new apartment.
10.  1317 Clinton Avenue - William & Susan Baldwin, applicants
Paint house, add gutters, brick walkway and steps, and demolish garage.
11.  402 Lincoln Street - Mr. Frank Nola for First Presbyterian Church, applicant
Add a retaining wall in garden.
12.  308 White Circle - Mr. Frank Nola for Jack and Mary Susan Johnson, applicants
Replace front porch; demolish garage; erect new screened porch, driveway and rear addition; replace windows, and paint brick.
13.  205 Walker Avenue - Mr. Thomas Hase, applicant
Install gutters; repair driveway and add brick around addition.
14.  1303-A Wells Avenue - Mr. Thomas Hase, applicant
Repair siding, paint exterior, wrap columns and erect fence.