Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission Agenda

Visit this page for the most recent agenda for the monthly meeting of the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission.  HHPC meetings are open to the public.   

Public notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission will be held on Monday, the 8th day of September, 2014 at 4:30pm in the 1st Floor Conference Room of the Public Services Building at 320 Fountain Circle.  The Commission will take action on the following items:
1.  429 Clinton Avenue - Mr. Jerry Barclay, applicant
Paint house.
2.  805 Clinton Avenue - Mr. James Johnson for Providence Classical School, applicant
Remove tree in chimney and repair chimney.
3.  413 McClung Avenue - Mr. Peter Lowe, applicant
Landscape to control drainage problem.
4.  1319 Pratt Avenue - Mr. Jason Johnson, applicant
Demolish rear addition.
5.  401 Franklin Street - Matheny Goldmon Architects for Mr. Ray Jones, applicant
Modifications to parking lot and sidewalk; add ATM and canopy; and an addition of a new entry and handrails.
6.  1317 Clinton Avenue - Mr. Jim Neighbors for William & Susan Baldwin, applicants
Replace fence, demolish garage and erect new garage, landscape and relocate steps.
7.  433 Locust Avenue - Dr. Curt Freudenberger, applicant
Update veneer on previously approved wall.
8.  608 Franklin Street - Nola Van Peursem Architects for Dr. Mark Sapp, applicant
Install swimming pool, new walkways and landscape.  Add gutters and demolish portion of garden wall.